Monday, 22 August 2016

Android App Development for Beginners - Developing First Android Application

Hello Everyone,

In this tutorial we will see how to create our very first Android Application and how to run that App.

As we have already seen how to do environment setup in your system to start developing your Android Application. If you are not followed that Tutorial , please click the Link below to know about Environment set up for Android Application.

Environmental Setup

Once your JDK is downloaded and Android Studio is installed we are good to start our first Application. So, lets get started.

1. Open Android Studio .Give your Application name and leave the domain and location to the default values. Please find the screenshot below:

2. Select Target Devices as Phone and Tablet. Un select the other options as of now

Please select the Minimum SDK on which your app should run. Better to select Jelly bean as still many android devices running on that version as on 22nd August 2016. Please find the screenshot below

3. Add an Activity to your mobile:

The next page asks for creating an activity. In this page you will see different layouts which you can select. Depending on the Activity you selected the activity_main.xml(Main file for designing) will be designed. So, as of now just select a Blank activity and click next.

4. Customize Activity : Leave the fields to here default values and click Finish.

Once the Android Studio Click on project on the left side to open the project and the 2 important files you need to know as of now is under java folder and
2. activity_main.xml under res--> layout folder .

Just click on activity_main.xml and and click on Design on the bottom tabs and you will be able to see a mobile showing Hello World.

Now Click on Text tab just beside text tab and Change the Hello World to some text which you like "Hey this is my my android page". Just click design back and you should be able to the new message on the mobile now.

Running Android Application:
1. On the Header of Android studio click on run and run app and create a emulator where you can run the app.

Note: As I said there may be some processors having issue in creating virtual device along with android studio that case you cannot run on Emulator. In that cases you have your hardware device to run the App.

We will see how to do that in next tutorial.We will learn developing new designs for your Android Application in coming tutorials. Stay tuned. Please comment below for any questions on running your first app.

Thank you.


  1. I am not a developer but it after reading your post i feel that i can make my first android app. Really enjoying your post and helpful for beginners in android app development.

    1. Thank you jason.. you can tell any particular topic you are looking for .. i can cover that in future tutorials...

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