Friday, 12 August 2016

Datical - Solution for Automated Database Deployment

The processes and tools available to application developers have advanced exponentially in recent years. And yet the process of implementing and deploying database change has lagged far behind. There is a gap between Data Base code delivery and Code Deployment process. 

There has been a lot of improvement in Application Development life cycle results in faster delivery, easier Deployment with a quality source code. But still there is one part of software development still not changed is Data Base Deployment . Any front end changes we are making are getting deployed faster because of newer tools and process but from the past so many year the process for Data Base deployment remains the same,which is not a good thing creating confusion in developers especially working in Agile methodology.

Challenges faced by development Team :

As there is no proper methodology or process for data base development in many organisations. Lets take a example 2 developers are working on same data base object which will go in 2 different releases in 2 consecutive months.  So, its difficult to maintain and co-ordinate for the 2 developers. Even the the developer who is going for release next month finished his work has to do re work because the same object is modified by 1st developer. 

Datical is the solution for this kind of issues. Datical is a Tool which will make your Data Base Deployment process automated and easier to manage the changes.

How the Database Deployment used to happen before Datical ?

When some Data Base code change is happened in Development region we have to make sure the same code is moved to Testing Environment. If there are any defects identified by tester you have to make enough changes to the Data Base objects and push the code. So, its very difficult to manage all the changes and push the code to Production without missing anything. So what are the disadvantages of using this process.

Disadvantages of using this old process:

1. There is lot of manual work involved for both the developers and DBA Team.
2. This is time consuming process.
3. This process is Risky  as there is lot of chance we may miss some code which should     move to production.
4. Not good for Agile Development having frequent Data Base changes.
5. Reverting the changes is challenge in case of any deployment issues.

How the Database Deployment will happen after using Datical ?

So, now Devops comes to Data Base for both Developers and DBA. It provides End-To-End Automation in your Release Process by Integrating with Jenkins. It will help you to create packages managed by labels. Each separate release will managed by release labels.
So its very easy to maintain changes.  

Advantages of using this Datical:

1. End-To-End Automation.
2. Manual work got reduced.
3. Release process becomes very easy.
5. Easily can revert back the deployment process for any deployment issues.

For more details on Datical. Please visit - Datical

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