Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to Start Android App Development for Beginners - Environment Set up

Hello Everyone,

Looking to develop your own android app? Android is the leading operating system now a days and there are so many many developers out there doing different kinds of apps. Developing Android Apps is not just fun but also rewarding. So, lets get started.

Before moving on to Developing App one thing we should keep in mind you should be aware of at least basic Java Programming, because the coding which we will use for Android is Java.

Before Developing any Application we need to have following set ready in our system to Develop any Android App.

1.Download JDK 1.7

Go to the Oracle Website and download the latest version of Java Development Kit at least Java 1.7.

Make sure you have downloaded the correct version 32 bit or 64 bit depending on what Windows System you are using

Set up your environmental properties.

2. Download Android Studio

Please download the android studio here - Android Studio

Once you have downloaded the Android Studio it will automatically download the SDK for you. Once the download is done , go ahead and install the Android studio in your system. It requires atleast 2 GB of RAM but recommended is 4GB RAM.

Once it is installed you will run the app in a virtual machine which will installed during android studio installation process itself. If you face any issues or error while installing Virtual Machine during Android Studio installation you can ignore that Error. We will see how we can test that app in subsequent tutorials.

Basically, that's it the Environmental set up for Android Studio. Lets see how to develop our first app in coming tutorials. Stay tuned !!

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